Agente de Call CenterUSD Payment $$$ English Required!!!

200.00 $ (Neto mensual) Valencia, Carabobo 31 enero (actualizada)


  • Descripción

    Our rapidly growing financial firm is extending the opportunity to you to become part of our team, and earning in a salary bracket beyond what this country can afford to give you! We are looking for compassionate, patient, ingenuous and driven people to help us maintain our clientele and continue providing quality service. Goals are a challenge, and its not for everyone, but the rewards are worth it! We need you to:
    • Be able to speak English fluently.
    • Have a stable internet connection (3 megas speed), a computer (4 Gb of RAM), and a microphone (earbuds with microphones incorporated work).
    • Ability to work a full-time position from home (40 hour week). This is NOT a freelance position, you will be required to meet quotas and the hours will be tracked.
    • Call center experience (not limitative).

  • Fecha de Contratación: 11/04/2019
  • Cantidad de Vacantes: 15
  • Requerimientos

  • Educación Mínima: Educación Técnico/Profesional
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Disponibilidad de Viajar: No
  • Disponibilidad de Cambio de Residencia: No

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Resumen del empleo

  • Agente de Call Center

  • Empresa


  • Localización

    Valencia, Carabobo

  • Jornada

    Tiempo Completo

  • Tipo de contrato

    Contrato por tiempo indefinido

  • Salario

    200.00 $ (Neto mensual)

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